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Materials Used for Military Coins

military coinsToday, military coins or challenge coins come in a variety of sizes and designs. Traditional coins were only made from bronze material with the logo of the military troop. Coins are now available in a variety of colors with different features such as: color changing, multi-colored and comes in 3D design.

Traditionally, military coins were made out of solid bronze material with 2D design. It contained the name of the troop and their motto. But as technology becomes more advanced, manufacturers now have the capability to produce coins from low-cost materials.

Below are the guidelines when it comes to making military coins:

1. A draft is sent to the manufacturer. It gives the manufacturer an idea how his/her client want the coin to look like. This is the planning stage for the coin design. The manufacturer can make suggestions and present a new design to his/her client.

2. Next, materials to be used are chosen by the client. Most would choose enamel because it’s easy to work with. However, some clients opt to use gold, silver or bronze.

3. Colors and technique to be applied on the coin are chosen. Clients can choose to have monotone coin or a multi-colored one.

4. The last stage determines what method would be used: die cast, pewter, photo etching, photo printing or silk printing.

5. Packaging for the coins varies, from boxes to coin pouches.

Below is a detailed explanation of the processes involved in coin making.

1. Die cast – chosen material will be melted until liquid, then poured into a die cast. It is ideal for coins requiring designs on both sides.

2. Pewter – this method is ideal for coins with 3D designs.

3. Photo etching – traditional etching tools or modern laser technology can be used to create the desired image. This technique produces both monotone and colored photos.

4. Photo printing – it makes use of the latest technology wherein the photo is scanned and printed on the coin. Such coins are popular as wedding souvenirs.

5. Silkscreen printing – this technique costs less and eliminates the need for gold or silver outlining. It is ideal for large quantity orders of coins.

Now, that you are familiar with how military coins are produced, it is time to check the other materials and methods used for coin making. Below is a list of traditional and the latest means used for coins:

  • Bronze – one of the most commonly used materials for coins. Highly durable and costs less than other materials. It’s ideal for 2D and 3D designs. It can also be gold or silver-plated.
  • Brass – is a cheaper option when the client wants a polished finish but doesn’t want to spend for a gold finish.
  • Copper – is used when the client wants the die cast design on one side of the coin only. The other side can only be plated but it’ll have textures or a dimple.
  • Zinc – ideal for coins that would be used on a daily basis. It can withstand temperature changes and extreme environments.
  • Aluminum – ideal for display coins. However, it’s not fit for daily use as it bends easily and the design may wear off.
  • Glow Paint – ideal for coins that are often carried outdoors. It also adds a unique effect at night.
  • Heat-Changing Paint – like mood rings, the color of the coin changes as the temperature increases or decreases. It’s ideal for outdoor use. Plus, it adds uniqueness to the coin.
  • Glitter Paint – to add a shiny and unique effect to the coin, use glitter paint.
  • Gold Plating – clients choose this for added value to their coin and a more polished finish.
  • Sequential Numbering – the coins are engraved or printed with serial numbers to ensure exclusivity among members. It also eliminates chances of the coin being copied by outsiders.
  • Laser Engraving – this method is used when clients want a personalized feel to their coin. Names, quotes, birthdays and other characters can be etched on the coin.

Reward Yourself a Dubai Adventure and Experience the Dubai Hotel Apartments Difference

Dubai is probably one of the most fascinating and fastest growing cities on the face of the earth and getting an accommodation in one of Dubai hotel apartments is the best way to experience a different kind of adventure.  The country is famous for letting the guests experience a shopping experience beyond compare.

Hotel apartmentsThere are also hot air balloon rides that allow you to witness a breathtaking sight from hundreds of feet above the ground. Try sand golfing, dune bashing, and skiing in an indoor ski slope. Have a romantic interlude with your significant other as you cruise the creek while enjoying a luscious dinner.

At the end of the day, it is nice to go home to one of Dubai hotel apartments where you can relax and rejuvenate your body and be ready to face another adventure when morning comes.

The Growing Popularity of Hotel Apartments in Dubai

Hotel apartments in Dubai are becoming more popular among the visitors of the country – both businessmen and tourists. These hotel apartments are scattered all over Dubai at varying prices, areas, benefits, services, and others. These hotel apartments offer the security and some of the services of a typical hotel, minus the expensive hotel price. These hotel apartments usually come cheaper than most hotels in Dubai.

Many visitors of the country find the hotel apartments more comfortable than the usual hotel rooms. Although Dubai is not an English speaking country, the hotel apartments offer English oriented services that will delight most visitors and you as well. There are internet facilities, cable television, and others. There are also English speaking staff all over the building that are ready to extend assistance in case you need one.

At first, the hotel apartments in Dubai may look expensive but they are still not as expensive as renting one of the hotel rooms in Dubai. You get a hotel accommodation service while treating the place as if it is your own. The hotel apartments usually come with a complete kitchenette (stove, utensils, and other basic kitchen tools and equipment), air conditioning unit, sofa, chairs, bathroom, sleeping area with bed, washing machine and others. Different hotel apartments may offer different things.

Most visitors appreciate the Dubai hotel apartments because the staff can take care of the unexpected problems regarding the apartment like dripping faucet, troublesome telephone lines and other problems. You get to do the things you need to do while the staff get everything fixed for you. You can have an uninterrupted fun or concentrate in your new business deals.

Hotel Apartments vs. Regular Apartments in Dubai

Renting a regular apartment while staying in Dubai may seem to give the most benefits, but not if you only have the basic ins and outs of Dubai and all the things that you know about the country were lifted from the pages of the websites that you have visited. If you have chosen to rent an apartment, you’re bound to meet dilemmas in navigating your way within the area where you have decided to stay just to get the services you need.

Staying in a hotel apartment will not give you such trouble because there are people there who will direct you exactly to the places you want to go or even help you find the things that you need to find while you are in their country.

Setting up your own internet connection in your rented apartment is quite troublesome to do. If you need to deal with a car rental, you need to find out where you can get one, unless you already have an idea where and all you need to do is ask for the direction of the place you want to go to. Instead of fully enjoying your stay in Dubai, you need to take care of lots of things in order to make your stay in a foreign land more comfortable even for a bit.

If you will choose one of the many hotel apartments in Dubai, the staff of the said hotel apartment can offer support in finding the best car rental, serve as your tour guide, and offer other things that will give you a pleasant stay in Dubai.

For so many reasons, choosing one of Dubai hotel apartments is a prudent move. You have lots of options that will surely fit in your budget and you get to enjoy your finest hours in Dubai and perhaps decide to re-visit the place again in the future. is a One-Stop for all your Dubai Accommodation Needs including Dubai hotel Apartments.

Guns and Safety: Being Safe with Your Firearm

It’s a well-known fact that there are a lot of people who own firearms, whether they are simple handguns or complex rifles kept secure in their own gun safes. Streets are filled with people who own guns, thinking it keeps them, and those around them, safe. Most gun-related casualties or injuries result from improper handling rather than pre-meditated use. For those using guns for pure sport, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, or NSSF, has ten rules for safe gun handling:

gun safes1. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. This rule is the most basic for anyone who owns a gun, sports-related or otherwise. It’s simple: if you don’t want to shoot something, don’t point your gun at it. This is not limited to just striking anyone directly. You also have to factor in a bullet’s ricochet or penetrating capabilities. The safest bet is generally up or down, even when firing an unloaded gun.

2. Firearms should be unloaded when not actually in use. This one is pretty simple: if you’re not going to use it, then don’t load it. Keep your ammunition away from the gun itself. When out in the field, it’s best to keep your guns unloaded for maximum safety. At home, gun safes can be used to keep unloaded guns and ammunition secure. Lastly, never ever assume that a gun is not loaded.

3. Don’t rely on your gun’s “Safety.” It’s called the safety for a reason, yes. But that doesn’t entitle you to be lax about a gun that is said to have its safety on. It’s important to note that the safety is a mere mechanism, and any mechanism can fail. Be sure to keep your fingers away from the trigger and the safety on until you are sure you want to fire the gun. Better yet, keep your guns in your gun safes if you do not have good reason to use them.

4. Be sure of your target and what’s behind it. Before you shoot, make sure you’re not likely to injure anyone behind your target. Most bullets travel a long way before they find ground, so be mindful of anything you’re shooting at, especially if you miss. Remember: once you fire, there’s no going back.

5. Use correct ammunition.It can’t be stressed enough. Much like anything in this world, reading the user’s manual is a must, not a suggestion. Improper ammo can destroy your gun, or worse, your arm. Use only factory-suggested ammunition, and never go for substandard or damaged ammo, even if they are cheaper.

6. If your gun fails to fire, handle with care! If you pull the trigger and nothing happens, you go back to the first rule. If you have a misfire, make sure to be in a safe and well-ventilated area. Keep your face away from the breech, open the action, and unload. Assume the gun will fire even if it failed to do so.

7. Always wear eye and ear protection when shooting. It’s common sense. You don’t want your eyes getting hit with anything in your path when shooting, and you certainly don’t want to go temporarily deaf after your shooting escapades. Besides, you won’t become a better shot if your eyes are not right.

8. Be sure the barrel is clear of any obstruction before shooting. We see it in cartoons all the time. The unwitting hunter is so intent on shooting the rabbit that he fails to notice the big bunch of carrots stuck to the end of his barrel. It applies to real life. Make sure the barrel is not loaded with ANYTHING: mud, snow, or excess lubricant; or an unfired bullet in the chamber.

9. Don’t alter or modify your gun, and have your guns service regularly. Yes, a lot of people are modifying their guns to suit their preferences. But don’t do it yourself. If you really have to modify your gun, take it back to the manufacturer or to someone certified by the manufacturer and ask them for a mod. In the same sense, don’t think of your gun as being an immortal piece of equipment. No matter how well you take care of your guns or even if you keep them in inside your gun safes most of the time, they still need servicing.

10. Learn The Mechanical And Handling Characteristics Of The Firearm You Are Using. Not all firearms are created equal, and for that same reason you can’t assume that all firearms are handled the same way. Even if they belong to the same category, a 22-caliber handgun made by one manufacturer is handled differently from other 22-caliber handgun made by another. READ THE MANUALS.

Live Chat Support: The Best Thing for E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce or online shopping is very much the rage these days for a couple of reasons such as:

live chat People find it to be more convenient than physically going to a store and checking what they could buy in that certain store. They could just check the website of that store instead so they’d know if what they need/want to buy is being offered.

It’s hassle-free. You can place your orders online, pay for what you have bought, and then the product that you have bought will just be shipped to you.

You can shop basically anywhere with just the click of a finger.

That said, you have to know that in case you have an online store, or if you are planning to build a website for your store, you should keep in mind that having Live Chat Support is important.

What exactly is live chat support?

Basically, it’s a type of customer service that happens through chat, instead of the usual telephone conversation. It works well because:

Landlines are not very much of use these days and people like to keep things easy by dealing with almost everything through the internet.

It helps cut expenses down. Instead of hiring the services of a Business Process Outsourcing or BPO company to help you out with your customer service needs, you could just delegate some of your staff to do chat support services for you.

It increases sales and provides easy solutions for your customers. In case they need to know more about the product that they would buy, or are having problems when it comes to shipping, or are having problems with their products, they can just talk to your chat support agents and have their problems addressed easily.

It’s great for customers who have a hard time talking with people on the phone. Because of the fact that not everybody feels comfortable talking on the phone, sometimes, they are not able to get help about their problems and since you offer live chat support, you are able to help those kinds of people out and you get to assess their needs and help them with their problems or questions regarding your products and services.

Sometimes, people cannot express their feelings well through the phone and thus, telling someone about what they need to know about your products or services through chat is way better.

As they say, a website without live chat support is not a very good site because the main purpose of creating a website must be about helping your customers and making sure that they would not have a hard time navigating your website or knowing about your products/services.

Aside from that, having chat support service also:

Humanizes the website, because people will know that someone will really answer their queries instead of feeling like no one is listening to them or attending to their needs.

Most people do not like leaving e-mails about their queries/questions, because most of the time, those e-mails are not attended to. But, with the help of live chat agents, they can be sure that they will be well-attended.

Helps you target more prospective buyers and gain the trust of your customers and of people in the community.

Live Chat Support will do wonders for your website. Try it and see the difference.

Author Bio
ApexChat provides Live Chat Support and service that helps online businesses turn valuable advertising clicks into customers.

Benefits of Debt Consolidation

When you combine your debts into a single bill or loan, you are performing debt consolidation. The process starts with getting a new loan which will pay all your combined debts in full. This shall leave you with one consolidated loan to pay every month. In this article are the benefits of consolidating your debts.

With debt consolidation, you have very low payments every month as compared to all your loans combined. This positive feature of such a loan is the reason why many go for it. The reason for such a low payment is because such a loan usually extends its length thus permitting low payments monthly. When you have less money in paying your loans, you can focus on your other needs such as food, gasoline, medicine, tuition and the like.

debt consolidationYour payments are simplified when you consolidate your debts. The proceeds you get from your consolidation loan can be utilized to pay all your credit card bills and other loans. Old payments are eliminated thus you simply pay just one loan. It will be easier for you to monitor your loan payments because of this and it lessens the entire payment amount you need to make each month.

Debt consolidation minimizes interest rates every month and they are sometimes a lot lower than any other loan. If you have a credit card, you will see that it may have an annual interest of at least fifteen percent. Home equity loans are an example of a consolidation loan and as of 2011, its average interest rate was 6.97%. This is a lot lower than the AIR of credit cards.

When you consolidate your debt with a single loan, you will be able to pay all your present creditors. All these companies or its representatives will no longer be able to harass you every month through the telephone to collect your payment. These companies can be very persistent about debt collection. Your life will be more at peace if you will no longer hear from them or their billing departments. They shall stop sending you past due notices as well as intimidating collection letters.

Debt consolidation shall give you peace of mind which is very priceless. A lot of individuals say when they just have one bill to pay monthly; they can easily track their bills and be able to stay current. Because of this, you do not need to worry about how many bills you need to pay. You will be able to pay all your household expenses and not pinch a penny from your budget. You will sleep a lot easier because you know you are paying a little amount of your debt

These are the benefits of debt consolidation thus you should go for it if you are hounded by many loan payments.

SEO Company – Beat Your Competitors and Rank Higher

SEO or Search Engine Optimization provides a better way in creating a business brand and making it known all over the world. Thus, getting the service of an SEO company is recommended by experts for businesses. This service plays a Beat your Competitorvital role in making sure a company’s website will rank higher on search engines, especially Google. A company who wants to beat their competitors should consider getting the service of an SEO provider. With this, the business will be able to achieve its goal of getting the required traffic for its website. Some of the factors that you need to consider when choosing an SEO service provider are discussed below.

How Long Have They Been in Business?

The best SEO company is most of the time the one which has been operating for many years. They have all the necessary experience, knowledge, and training. Google has been changing its algorithms frequently. Therefore, service providers who are new to the industry might not be aware about these changes. Thus, they might not be able to provide you with the desired results.

How Efficient is their Customer Service?

It is not known to many, but the customer service of a particular provider is a determining factor in finding out if the company is reliable or not. Email them or place a call to the company and wait for their response. Take note of their response time and you will find out that a reliable online service provider will respond right away. You can also check out their “About Us” page so you will have an idea on what type of company you are dealing with.

Check Out Customer Reviews and Testimonials

One of the best ways of finding the right service provider to help you out with your website ranking is to check out comments and reviews submitted by their past clients. The customer reviews provide a vital insight into the service that the company can provide. A happy customer provides a good indication that this company provides good service. Thus, it is the best source to check out how reliable the company is. Most of the trusted SEO companies will have positive reviews.

There are lots of businesses that depend on the internet to create significance, beat competitors, and generate sales. The internet provides a platform where companies can promote their products and services all over the world. Search engines provide an equal area where small and big businesses can advertise their products and services. Thus, it is the reliable SEO company which can help businesses to beat their competitors on the internet in order to rank higher and therefore maximize their visibility to their target market.

SEO Tips – Use Your Keywords Wisely

One of the most important factors to keep in mind when you are using Search Engine Optimization is that you want to make sure that you always have the right things in place that are going to help you get recognized by the search engines. If your page is not designed and setup correctly or your articles do not contain the right information, all of your efforts will have gone for naught. One of the best SEO tips that you can remember is that you always want to make sure that you are not just using the right keywords, but you use your keywords wisely.


You need to make sure that you find out exactly what the best keywords are for your particular business niche. This will require a little bit of research and time on your part, but it is well worth the investment. Using all the right words and phrases in the appropriate places on your website can make a big difference in how your site is viewed by the search engines. Using the keywords in the right way can help you to move up in the search engine rankings.

When you are considering the importance of SEO tips, keywords are clearly the one you have to remember the most. Find which are best suited for your website and use them along with quality content and you will see very positive results from your efforts. The right keywords can lead to a good increase in the amount of site traffic that you see on a regular basis.